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We partner with well run, ambitious businesses - providing fast flexible financial support and services to help them invest and grow.

We offer flexible funding solutions from £10,000 to £1 million to businesses to help them manage their cash flow.

The Revolving Credit Facility

  • Smooths out the peaks and troughs of your business cash flow
  • It is perfect as a cash flow safety net
  • It gives you access to cash when you need it
  • You can draw down funds and make payments  as and when you need to
  • You only pay for what you borrow and you only  pay when you use it

The Revolving Credit Facility offers you complete flexibility with a market leading rate from 0.05% * per day on all secured lending

Facilities of up to £1 million
No fixed
monthly repayments
Interest only
for the full term
No management or
early repayment fees

We are able to offer unsecured lending up to £85,000

The application process is really simple with our team available to support you throughout.

*secured by real assets